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HFS is the main filesystem for MacOS Classic

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How to read old Macintosh text files?

I hope this is an OK place to ask this question. The Internet Archive has a Macintosh floppy image containing presets for an old E-mu synthesizer module. The page is here Proteus Preset Libraries ...
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How to mount Macintosh Performa's HFS (not HFS+) Filesystem

I own a Macintosh Performa 360 and 420 with a 250 MB drive. Currently I plan about migrating to a modern system like Windows Linux or Mac. I could make sure, that I can still read my data, copied to a ...
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What was the significance of the cursive 'ƒ' in an application name?

I feel like I used to know the answer to this... In classic Mac days, probably the early 90s and before, some applications would have a cursive / decorative ƒ character in their names. What was the ...
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How are File Timestamps recorded in classic Mac OS?

When I save a file it has a 'Created At' and 'Updated At' Value saved as well. I would like to know HOW these values are saved? Are they saved as an integer representing a number of seconds since 1904?...
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A good method for formatting a modern device in HFS (Not HFS+)

I started this project ages ago and it's just been sitting on my bench for ever. I have this old MacIIci and I put a LAN card in it, maxed out the memory, has the turbo proc in it. The next step I ...
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Classilla on SheepShaver for Windows

I am trying to install Classilla, an open-source browser for Mac OS9, on SheepShaver for Windows. In SheepShaverGui.exe, I have the Enable "My Computer" icon checked. I open up SheepShaver and go to ...
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What FSTs (File System Translators) exist for the Apple IIGS?

Apple supplied some, were there others that other people wrote? What is the complete list of FSTs available?
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