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History of computers, digital electronics, hardware manufacturers, and software developers.

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Why did the Bell 103 modem use a data rate of 300 bps?

Virtually every telephone modem in existence runs at a data rate that's a multiple of the Bell 103A's 300 bps. Why was the base 300 bps chosen in the first place?
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What is the oldest computer capable of running a modern version of GNU/Linux?

A bit of a trivia question: What is the oldest hardware capable of running a modern Linux-based operating system, including user-space? (Not necessarily GNU userspace, but running a standard GNU/Linux ...
20 votes
2 answers

What was the earliest non-valve, non-mechanical computer?

Just wondering how history questions will fare here. They could be a good addition to our scope. Pretty much exactly as the title says. Some of the earliest computers were based on valve systems or ...
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Were there any commercially available graphical interfaces before the apple Lisa?

I just finished the Steve Jobs biography and I thought... Was the apple Lisa really the first commercially available Graphical interface? This is just out of interest but I'll be really interested ...

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