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How fast were BASIC interpreters in the 80s? (Is this optimization for speed really necessary?)

I have a client who wants me to analyze a BASIC program from Umberto Eco's Foucault's Pendulum. I have never written a line of BASIC in my life as I was born in 1995 and started programming around ...
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3 answers

Release timeline for 128KB personal computers?

IBM, Apple, Commodore, and Atari all released upgraded versions of their popular home/personal computers having "stock" 128KB of RAM around the early 1980's. What was the order of release (...
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How were UHF channels allocated to home computers?

A recent article explains why UHF channel 37 was never allocated to TV channels in the US, which reminded me that most (all?) home computers with UHF TV outputs used channel 36[*], along with ...
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Which home computer first included a printer and modem port as standard?

As home computers rapidly gained in popularity in the early 1980s, third-party peripheral manufacturers also began selling peripherals. For those users wanting to do "serious work", the ...
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Cheapest way to store and load small dataset in the 80s?

An extra, costly floppy drive would overkill when transferring a page of letter, storing game level data, or distributing a piece of BASIC program, and non built-in ones have to be paid. A tape ...
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