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Questions tagged [hp]

For questions regarding products of Hewlett Packard.

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HP TSB program stored format

The internal representation for a HP TSB Access program is detailed in the 'Sources and Listings' Documentation ref 22687-90020. This describes (pages 5-28 & 5-29) how string variables, simple ...
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HP 2000 Time Sharing BASIC Versions

I used HP 2000F TSB in the mid 1970's during my school years - via a remote dial-up teletype. I've now installed and have working the simh 2000F and Access systems on my computer. I have also ...
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Was HP's IMAGE database available on the 2100/2000 line?

I'm reading about the history of the HP 21xx series in this interview, and one thing has me confused. I never used these machines, so I can't be sure I have the context correct... On page 5 he's ...
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