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Origin of Cisco-like CLI?

Loads and wagons of networking devices all over the world use the same manner for commandline interface (CLI). First I met it in 1990s at Cisco devices (switches, routers...) which used Cisco IOS. It ...
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What was the first device to "beep" in lieu of tactile feedback to button presses?

I'm splitting this question off of When was beeping invented, in a user interface sense? because I think it's more answerable on its own and I suspect likely to still be computing-related. At some ...
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6 votes
2 answers

When was beeping invented, in a user interface sense?

UPDATE: thanks all, lots of good discussion but I think this question is a bit too vague to be answerable. I'm casting my own close vote against it and will re-ask a more specific one. Specifically I ...
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