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For questions about the early IBM PC, clones and compatible systems.

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Were there Any Applications Making Explicit Use of the MDA's Colour Capabilities?

The first series of MDA adaptors for the IBM PC had the ability to show colours according to the attribute byte, much like the CGA does in text mode, but I don't remember any PC application that ...
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What are the differences between MS-DOS and DR DOS FASTOPEN?

OS/2 Museum's history of DOS mentions the FASTOPEN.EXE TSR was introduced in DOS 3.3. Its entry on DOS 4.0 adds some implementation details. It reminded me of the DR DOS FASTOPEN=nnnnn directive in ...
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PC AT power supply not providing correct voltage

I'm refurbishing a Pentium 120 PC with an AT power supply. It seems to work, at least nothing pops or smokes, but there's a slight problem with voltages, particularly on the motherboard connectors. ...
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Is there any way to obtain the abandonware 1994 original release of Klik & Play in non-English, non-"For Schools" versions?

In the mid-1990s, I purchased a Swedish boxed copy of v1.0 (I believe) of Klik & Play in a computer store. Since that, the floppies have died and I stupidly even threw away the entire big box and ...
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Soltek SL-52B2 motherboard manual

I'm looking for the manual of this motherboard. Google can't seem to find one for this exact model, only similar ones. Help appreciated, thanks!
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What old LCD monitor am I thinking about?

I once had a PC with an LCD monitor and I'd like to remember what model that monitor was. Here's what I remember: It was basically a beige rectangular box with right angles on all corners. Only the ...
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What was the first PC-compatible computer to have a DRAM controller?

The original IBM PC used a timer from the 8254 PIT and a channel from the 8237 DMAC in order to refresh RAM with dummy reads (and I think used NMI to signal parity errors.) I'd like to know when PC's ...
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Portable 386 that only ever beeps continuously; no video

I've acquired a late-80s portable 386 with builtin LCD in unknown working state. It only ever beeps continuously on boot, with no picture on either the built-in LCD or an external VGA-connected ...
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