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The IBM PCjr is a PC-compatible home computer. For questions about other PC-compatibles please use the [ibm-pc] tag.

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How to use thinkpad x230 with PCjr 4863 monitor?

I understand it is probably more trouble than it is worth, but I am keen on using my 4863 IBM monitor as a second display for my x230. So far I've looked into converting its VGA signal to a CGA output,...
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How to run CP/M 2.2 on IBM PCjr (Not CP/M-86)

Years ago, I upgraded my IBM PCjr with a V20 and I was able to run CP/M 2.2. I have been looking for a CP/M 2.2 image that I can run on my current PCjr with 640K and Dual floppy (RACOR expansion). ...
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How is the 320x200x16 graphics mode mapped in the IBM PCjr?

I've read that the PCjr supports a 320x200 pixel mode with 16 colors. But what I can't seem to find is how much memory that takes, how it's organized (chars?) or where it's located in memory. I'm ...
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How to do the Tandy 1000 audio mod on a PCjr?

The information on modifications on the PC Enterprises website was never saved by the web archive, so looking there is out. I remember in their printed catalogs they sold a mod kit for making the PCjr ...
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Can the IBM PCjr be upgraded to support the better features of the Tandy 1000?

It is well known that the IBM PCjr was a commercial failure and that the Tandy 1000 series of computers not only matched the features of the PCjr (other than maybe the wireless keyboard), it also ...
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