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How does one customize the 3270 terminal login screen in VM/370?

When using a pre-built system image such as the "VM/370 sixpack" or "MVS Tur(n)key" under Hercules, when a user connects a 3270 terminal, a login screen comes up with a banned ...
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2 answers

How can the current date be accessed from DOS/VS assembler?

In assembler on an old /370-125 running DOS/VS I can access the TOD (Time of day) with GETIME, i.e. the time since midnight. But I want to be able to print the date.
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Does anyone have any information on GUTS (Gothenburg University Timesharing System)?

Gothenburg Universities Computer Centre (in Sweden) developed a timesharing system for IBM mainframes, known as GUTS (variously expanded either as ''Gothenburg University Timesharing System'', or as ''...
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Why did IBM skip "System/380" as a mainframe family name?

I've been reading Exhibit 14971 from US vs. IBM (Parts 1, 2, 3) which seems to give a very good overview of the history of the computer industry up to 1980, particularly the way IBM handled its ...
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