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Questions tagged [identify-this-game]

Requests to identify a game played on a retro platform, based on appearance in media or a recollection. See tag wiki for guidance on identification questions.

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In search of.... SeaWar -- NOT Battleship!

Hopefully, sufficient background Many years ago (40-45), I used to play "Sea War" on a good sized time-share system. It was a text/adventure war game between a couple remote players, played over a ...
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1990s BBS game featuring mining elements from a planet

Sometime in the 90s (sorry, can't be more specific) I used to dial in to a BBS and play a multi-player game that involved manually mining elements from a planet. It was very detailed, you got employed ...
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Looking for late 90s shareware open world racing game

I'm trying to track down a shareware racing game released somewhere between 1999 and 2004 - or at least, my parents found it bundled in a computer magazine during that time. Here's what I remember ...
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A learning gomoku in Lisp

Years ago I played a version of gomoku that was written in Lisp that learned as you played. After a few rounds, it became nearly unbeatable. This was on Unix System III on a small PDP-11. I have ...
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Bloodsport: Which version of Karate Champ is it?

In the movie "Bloodsport", there's a sequence which is famous among video game players, where Frank Dux and Jackson "fight" through a Karate Champ arcade game machine. Now I'm ...
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80's Atari-800 game where pieces on a board move automatically according to preset rules

The game I'm thinking of was played on a grid of squares (somewhere in the range of 8x8 to 10x10) where each player put down pieces on their side of the board (I think it was white on the bottom rows ...
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Looking for a medieval store-management game on the TRS-80 Color Computer, might have been code from Rainbow magazine

Crossposted from the Science Fiction and Fantasy Stack Exchange, where it's been unanswered for almost two years. I'm trying to track down a game I remember playing on our Color Computer 2 (it could ...
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Name of NeoGeo Shoot'm'Up where your plane can turn into a mecha (giant robot)?

I've spent a couple of hours looking at ROM lists, but cannot find this I used to play any more. It's a vertically scrolling Shoot'm'Up (or "shmup"), meaning you saw the world top-down, with your ...
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1 answer

Finding a vertical scrolling arcade game from the 90´s

The game I'm looking for had the possibility for two players controlling a red or blue fighter jet. The style reminds of the "Raiden" games on arcade. The only specific I remember is that ...
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Arcade/Computer Game: Alien crashed in graveyard, platform/side-scroller

I'm looking for a game which I remember playing at an arcade, probably around 1995-2000. I also think I played it (or a very similar game) on PC under Linux ~5 years ago. It's your typical platform/...
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Wizard combat game on early online service

Trying to remember the name of a game I played a couple of times, probably in the 1984-1990 timeframe. It would have been on either CompuServe or GEnie - I don't think it was on a BBS, as I rarely ...
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MS-DOS Bear/Teddy Bear Spooky Halloween game?

In about 1993-4 I played a (probably free or shareware) MS-DOS game about a bear/teddy bear entering a house which was "spooky", I believe related to Halloween. Graphically it was primitive, ...
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2 votes
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Old computer game about a robot and questions

I'm trying to remember an old game I used to play as a kid. It may have been a Commodore 64 game, not sure. All I remember was you answered questions like for math or something like that and as you ...
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Futuristic arcade spaceship game where your ship gains wings and wheels, collecting power-ups—from the late 80s/early 90s

Can anyone identify this game from the late 80s to the early 90s? What I remember about this game is that it had some very particular mechanics. For example, in some levels, your ship had wings, and ...
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Looking for game about searching for alien artifact

I think I was playing the game on pc in the mid 90ties. I believe the story was, that an alien artifact was crashed on a remote tropical island, and was about to cause an end to the world. Having been ...
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Old FPS world explorer game that occured in a dream while on a train

This game is probably 20 years old FPS PC game. Has similar graphics as of Flashpoint Cold-war-Crisis, IGI-1, Mass-Effect-1, HALO-1. Weapons - Mostly earthly based weapons, but also got magical ...
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Identify this spaceship fruit collection game starring a levitating fish

Okay this might be a long shot, but I've been looking for this game for over 7 years now and I'm starting to question my sanity. I played this game somewhere between 1998-2003 but it might be a tad ...
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