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Requests to identify a peripheral device (printer, monitor, input device, etc.) based on a photograph or some specific criteria.

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Late 80s/early 90s matrix printer with a solid, curved front cover

I am trying to remember the exact year but I am drawing a blank. We had this matrix printer sometime between 1989 and 1994 in Hungary. What I distinctly remember is the front cover: it was solid, not ...
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What is this large device labelled 'Telefunken Datenspeicher' and how does it work?

We found this device in our school. Does anyone know what this can do exactly, and how it could work? We managed to input values into the bit storage on the top, but nothing more. Can we calculate ...
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Origin of what seems to be a Front-Panel

Reorganizing my desk - more exact the piles below - I once again came across this mystery front-panel. I can't remember what it was from nor who owns the ||/ logo present on chips and board(*1). ...
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Denys Fisher, of Spirograph fame, using a computer late 1976, early 1977

Denys Fisher, the creator of Spirograph, sold his company, bought an estate in Scotland and started working on his next creations, or at least so is narrated in a BBC's documentary, broadcast as part ...
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In this movie I see a strange cable for terminal connection, what kind of connection is this?

In the movie Fantozzi va in pensione (1988) I see a strange cable for terminal connection, what kind of connection is this? seems a scsi cable, but I know the terminal is Ampex 220 and as I know ...
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1980's Stand Alone Serial (RS232) Spool File [closed]

It was a device the size of a Hayes Smart Modem. it had two RS232 ports, one In, one Out and 256K of memory (I think, might have been less). It was a cunning little tool - plugged between a PC and a ...
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What PC VGA connector used 2 rows of pins?

I remember that 20 years ago (around the year 2000) I came across a few computers with a weird monitor connector. They weren't old computers, but rather budget mainstream computers of the time period. ...
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Did home computers have mechanical interfaces to typewriters?

In the April 1985 issue of Ahoy!, a reader asks whether it is possible to hook a conventional typewriter up to his Commodore 64. Surprisingly to me, columnist David Barron answers that such ...
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The laptops in the Turkish movie Recep İvedik 3 (2009)

I watched Recep İvedik 3 as a kid and it had a story about laptops. In Clip 1, Recep broke Zeynep's laptop trying to kill a fly. In Clip 2, he tried to buy a laptop from a Teknosa store but he didn't ...
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What dot matrix printer? - UK, 1987

I worked in publishing in the UK and am trying to identify a dot matrix printer from 1987. I have binders full of printouts from this printer. I think I've identified that it is a 9-pin dot matrix ...
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What is this diskette drive?

I am preparing a BBC Model B micro computer for sale which has been in storage and needs cleaning. There is a 3½" diskette drive with it, which was unfortunately stored with the slot uppermost ...
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What kind of printer is shown in the opening title sequence for the movie Desk Set?

The movie Desk Set opens (see here for a clip) with a close-up of a computer printer which is pre-loaded with paper containing the film's opening credits. While the printer doesn't appear to actually ...
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What is this "switch register - display" and what was it used for?

At my work we have a bunch of old computer and logic stuff. I figured it would be best to ask about it here, since the original owners have long since retired. Any ideas what this thing is and what it ...
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What is this Terminal (or Micro)

I came across this picture, part of this collection, taken by Martin Langer for this collection, possibly in northern Germany (Ostwestfahlen) in 1982/1983 What terminal or micro computer is shown ...
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Which plotter used these commands?

I've found a BESM-6 binary of a Pascal program which plots pretty pseudo-random pictures, like this A date is given as the seed for the RNG, in a "horoscope"-like fashion. After decompiling,...
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Unknown device in MANIAC I machine room

In my answer to the question about the LANL MANIAC I posted a picture of it in its natural habitat. In the picture there's a mystery device electrical-taped to one of the columns by the system ...
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What old LCD monitor am I thinking about?

I once had a PC with an LCD monitor and I'd like to remember what model that monitor was. Here's what I remember: It was basically a beige rectangular box with right angles on all corners. Only the ...
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What is the model of fast CAD printer used in Pentagon Wars?

Panning shots of a seemingly fast (CAD?) printer are shown in Pentagon Wars, for example in this clip at timecode 8:34: What is it, and how does it work?
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Can anyone help identify this old terminal and printer found in an abandoned nuclear power plant?

I was watching a video on Youtube of some guys exploring an abandoned nuclear power plant(I believe to be in the US or Canada) that was decommissioned around 1991, and noticed this equipment at one ...
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Early multifunction laser printer with a fixed scanning head?

I was working for a Hungarian magazine in the early 90s which had the most curious device: a laser printer which had a pass-through scanner on top, i.e. you laid down a page and it dragged it under a ...
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What 1970's terminal was black on white and had an orange keyboard?

In high school, I programmed on a terminal that was retro THEN, and I need help remembering make and model. White screen, black text (seemed very unusual to me), no lowercase, 24x80, and I have this ...
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Identify Toshiba CRT

Didn't find anything with a search and need to replace the tube due to it being severely burnt in.
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Did Apple bundle a specific monitor with the Apple II+ for schools?

Sometime in 1980 (or maybe 1981) my school district purchased its first batch of Apple II+ computers. I remember vividly they had absolutely no idea what to do with them, and so the machines were ...
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