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Requests to identify a peripheral device (printer, monitor, input device, etc.) based on a photograph or some specific criteria.

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What is this Terminal (or Micro)

I came across this picture, part of this collection, taken by Martin Langer for this collection, possibly in northern Germany (Ostwestfahlen) in 1982/1983 What terminal or micro computer is shown ...
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Early multifunction laser printer with a fixed scanning head?

I was working for a Hungarian magazine in the early 90s which had the most curious device: a laser printer which had a pass-through scanner on top, i.e. you laid down a page and it dragged it under a ...
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What old LCD monitor am I thinking about?

I once had a PC with an LCD monitor and I'd like to remember what model that monitor was. Here's what I remember: It was basically a beige rectangular box with right angles on all corners. Only the ...
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Identify Toshiba CRT

Didn't find anything with a search and need to replace the tube due to it being severely burnt in.
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