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Error message every time I try to launch Mac OS classic

I'm on an iMac G3 running OS 10.3 - trying to launch OS classic 9.2. Every time I try to launch it, regardless of if I have extensions turned on or off, I get the error message: The volume for "...
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iMac G3 as an external screen

I work as a teacher and I have a laptop model MacBook Pro. I like retro technology, so I bought an iMac G3, it works perfectly. I want to use iMac G3 like an extra screen for the laptop. I have a DVI ...
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What was this Apple external CRT monitor that looked like an iMac G3?

In high school I rescued an Apple external monitor from the garbage which looked like an iMac G3, only twice as big. It was blue but I bet it came in different colors as well. It might still be in ...
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Dual-booting Windows 98 on an iMac G3

Is it possible to dual boot Windows 98 or Windows 95 on an iMac G3 running Mac OS 9.2?
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iMac G3 - AirPort Card Port

What kind of port did the iMac G3 use for its wireless AirPort card? What kind of speeds were supported? My G3 has an 802.11b 2.4GHz band card and I am wondering if I can upgrade to a faster card (...
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