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The BASIC interpreter of original Apple I and Apple II computers, later replaced by Applesoft BASIC.

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How to make a maximally compatible Integer BASIC (Apple II) game disk for the Internet Archive?

I'd like to get an old Apple II Integer BASIC game running on's embedded MAME in such a way that it just runs without the user having to choose anything from a menu or type any commands to ...
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Extensions to Apple BASIC with ampersands

I have a vague recollection of some early software that extended the Apple II BASIC language, though I'm not sure if this was Integer or Applesoft BASIC. It provided more features for the language by ...
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Positive/negative 16-bit integer formats in 8-bit systems?

While considering the recent question on Integer BASIC, a thought arises: Most systems using/supporting integer math used a 16-bit signed format. In the case of Integer BASIC, this leads to odd-...
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Odd tokenizing in Integer BASIC

While researching the underpinnings of Integer BASIC (IB), I came across an oddity I'm hoping someone can explain. Unlike MS-derived systems, IB converted numeric constants to their 16-bit ...
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Did the Apple II Integer BASIC use SWEET16?

In the Byte magazine article that Woz wrote about the Apple II (Vol 2, No 5), on page 43's last paragraph he mentioned how SWEET16 was useful and he estimated that about 20% of the Integer BASIC code ...
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Using Integer Basic on Apple II Plus without a Language Card?

Was it possible to load integer basic and use it without a language card or were the addresses fixed to rom? EDIT: Sorry, I meant Apple II+ (I had an europlus) so I wrongly put IIe.
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How were binary subroutines embedded in Integer BASIC programs?

Programs written in Apple's Integer BASIC sometimes had bits of machine code embedded in them. This was more convenient than loading the code separately, especially when the program was loaded from ...
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