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Questions tagged [intel]

Retrocomputing hardware and software created by Intel.

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Undefined opcodes for the Intel 8008 CPU

What happens when I8008 CPU reads the "undefined" opcode (22h, 2Ah, 32h, 38h, 39h, 3Ah; or in octal 042, 052, 062, 070, 071, and 072)? Are these opcodes evaluated as a NOP instruction, or ...
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iRMX bootsector on a iRMX partition how to clone?

I have an old year 2000 instrument which has a 340MB hard drive. I am trying to clone the hard drive but I am having major issues. First the instrument uses iRMX and MSDOS the bios is using the CHS ...
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advice for retrieving functions and tables from intel 8061/8065 bin file (reverse engineering) from Ford EECV ECU

I have under my disposal some Ford EECV bin files and my goal for the next few weeks is to retrieve the functions and tables and plot them out before going onto DIY hardware . . Does anyone know which ...
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