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Connecting retro systems to the Internet, and historical aspects of the Internet: software, hardware, protocols. DO NOT USE WHEN MERELY ASKING ABOUT HISTORICAL RESOURCES ON THE INTERNET OF TODAY.

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Problem accessing Internet from old phones/PDAs (HTTPS, SSL, certificates, compatible services,....) [closed]

How to connect 18-12 years non supported OSes/devices to Internet? Specifically PDAs and phones, that are more limited to use additional components/accesories? (*) Answer related to computers can be ...
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Why did modems have speakers?

Everyone who used early telecommunications services, not to mention the early dial-up Internet services, is familiar with the tones and hissing sounds of a modem establishing a connection. I recall ...
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What technological factors drove the rise of "high-speed" modems in the early 1990s?

The first inexpensive modem I ever purchased was a 300 baud direct-connect unit for the C64 User Port in late 1983. I recall that a couple of years later (1986), 1200 baud modems were affordable and I ...
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Latest web browser compatible with Windows 95 / 98

Do you know which is the latest web browser compatible with Windows 95 / 98? At the moment I have an Opera 10 working fine; it is very lightweight but very outdated. I assume that software that works ...
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What did AOL use for pre-web GUI client?

AOL was a big early Internet service provider, and of course by the late nineties, the most popular Internet protocol was the web; most users spent most of their Internet time in a web browser. But if ...
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How can I construct a dial-up network in my home, purely for the kicks?

All the technology in my house is modern, but I want to build a dialup network that I can use to produce sounds from Bell 101/103 (if I can find the proper softmodem) to V.92bis. I honestly don't know ...
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When connecting to the Internet via Dial-Up, why did ISPs require a username/password to authenticate the session?

It's been many years now, but when I used to connect to the Internet via Dial-Up back in the day I noticed at the time that as well as entering the phone number for my Dial-Up provider, a username/...
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Why weren't audio decoders used to create a makeshift internet in the 70 and 80s?

I know ARPANET wasn't available to the public until the '90s, but why didn't people just build modems (which most phone companies already had anyway), connect their phone's phone connector to it, dial ...
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Is it still possible to access a BBS via dial up internet on the C64 (or other retro computers)

I was wondering if it is still possible to access any online BBS using dial up and an 80's era computer. I'm aware that some dial up internet providers still exist (eg Nippy Internet in the UK), but ...
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Using “vintage proxy” with dial up simulator

I am in the process of building a dial up simulator involving a 1990s era desktop and laptop. The desktop, which is connected to Ethernet, acts as the dial-up server and the laptop computer dials in ...
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