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Questions tagged [isa]

The Industry Standard Architecture bus, used by historic IBM PC compatibles, and extension cards for that bus.

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Troubleshooting Legacy Hardware and Software Issues on MS-DOS and Windows 3.11

I have an old PC with the following hardware components: Motherboard: AMI TITAN II EISA rev.D RAM: 48MB of 4 SIMM CPU: 154C Pentium (tm) BIOS: 711011596 HDD1: SCSI controller adapter through PCI (PCI) ...
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How to add ISA cards to the Tandy 1000 memory PLUS expansion board

I have a Tandy 1000A with a 25-1011 Memory PLUS Expansion Board (maxed out with 384kB). This board has a single 62-pin connector to add low-profile accessories like a mouse/clock card or a modem. I ...
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