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2 answers

What was the first laptop to support two external monitors?

Looking at and I suspect docked ThinkPads around 2000-2001 were able to run two external monitors ...
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Installing Windows 98SE without FDD, CD-ROM, Network, or USB on Thinkpad E310ED

I'm restoring an old Thinkpad E310ed from c. 1997 and running into an issue I can't seem to find a workable solution to: installing Windows 98SE to a new "hard drive." The original HDD seems ...
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Toshiba Libretto 100CT PS/2 keyboard and mouse dual use

I have a Toshiba Libretto 100CT that I'd like to use in docked configuration with an external monitor, speakers, keyboard and mouse Through the use of the official dock I'm able to use a VGA port for ...
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Compaq Contura 430C replacement hard drive

I have a working Compaq Contura 430C laptop, but its hard disk is really aging and making noises when under load. I don't want to stress it any further and thinking of replacement and preserve the ...
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Need help restoring the OS of an "AST Premium Exec 386SX/20" laptop

I have an AST Premium Exec 386SX/20 Model 63V laptop minus a floppy drive and hard disk. Otherwise the 1991 vintage machine is fully functional (and in excellent condition, so it's definitely worth ...
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Toshiba Libretto 50ct replacement display

Is there a cost effective new display panel that could fit to retro Toshiba Libretto 50ct? Mine is broken and panels are hard to find. Maybe little bigger like in Libretto 70ct could fit too with new ...
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5 votes
2 answers

The laptops in the Turkish movie Recep İvedik 3 (2009)

I watched Recep İvedik 3 as a kid and it had a story about laptops. In Clip 1, Recep broke Zeynep's laptop trying to kill a fly. In Clip 2, he tried to buy a laptop from a Teknosa store but he didn't ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Why would a laptop freeze randomly after running fine for a while?

I have a Compaq LTE 5150 laptop from 1995 on which I've installed Windows 3.1. It runs fine, and I'm able to use the computer for Word, Lotus Organiser, etc with no issue for a period of time and ...
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best port (on laptop) for using laptop display as monitor for an Amiga [duplicate]

i am looking to order an Amiga 500. i wanted to use my Thinkpad L420's display as a monitor, but it seems it doesn't have a port that would work for that. the thinkpad needs replacing anyways, so i ...
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AST Laptop With No OS

I work in network design/IT for a church, and a someone came in with a AST Advantage Explorer 486SX/33. It looks like it has no OS. After failing to boot, it requests to go to the BIOS to look for an ...
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What is this port? [closed]

So, first off, to begin with this isn't "exactly" retrocomputing; the technology in question is about 5-10 years old. That being said, I couldn't find answers anywhere else, so my best bet ...
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3 votes
4 answers

Where can I find a 26-pin flex flat cable for the floppy drive in a Toshiba T19x0 laptop?

I was trying to take apart a Toshiba T1950ct laptop to replace the slim floppy drive’s belt. Unfortunately, I broke the delicate flat flex cable (ffc), which is a non-standard 26-wire floppy cable. ...
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Where can I find old CD-ROM drives for a Fujitsu Lifebook 280Dx?

I found a Fujitsu Lifebook 280Dx in mint condition at a thrift store. There isn’t a scratch on it. I snatched it up. I thought it would be a great DOS-era retro gaming machine. However, I am ...
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Is the thirty something year old RJ45 jack as small as it will ever get? [closed]

Why are micro-ethernet adapters not a thing? A physical adapter that takes our thirty year old standard sized RJ45 jack on one side and and plugs into a TabletPC on the other. Every other form of ...
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2 answers

Why would installing Windows 9x on a Sager NP8200 or Wedge 466/DX2 laptop brick the system?

In the setup.txt file on the Windows 95 and 98 CDs (located in the \WIN95 [Windows 95] / \win98 [Windows 98] folder), which contains important information on setting up Windows and solving or working ...
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Using generic SMPS adaptor on old IBM Thinkpad makes strange symptoms

I found abandoned IBM Thinkpad 560X inside of company's cabinet. So, I got curious and get generic AC-DC SMPS adapter for 10$. It was rated 16V 3.75A, diameter for plug is just right, and polarity was ...
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Can I change laptop's RTC and backup battery with generic Ni-MH?

I got old Toshiba 100CS for a good price. After some inspection, I noticed that AutoResume backup battery and RTC battery are already gone bad, and seems can't hold charge. I've checked eBay for ...
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Bad floppy drive in T1910CS 486 laptop

I've recently picked up a Toshiba T1910CS 486 laptop. It's in OK shape, with a 500MB hard drive and DOS installed. I also ordered a USB floppy disk drive and some floppy disks so that I could install ...
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Did any laptop computers have a built-in 5¼-inch floppy drive?

In the early era of “portable” or luggable computers, such as the mains powered Osborne 1 and the Compaq Portable, 5¼-inch floppy drives were the standard storage medium. When battery-powered laptops ...
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Why did trackballs disappear?

For a desktop computer, a mouse is a great pointing device. For a laptop if you don't want an extra device to keep track of, you need an alternative. The options I'm aware of: NubLow-tech, cheap, ...
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