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Questions tagged [mac-os-classic]

The classic Apple Macintosh operating system family: System 1–7, Mac OS 8–9.

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Name of application that showed cursor coordinates (both global and local)

There was a classic Macintosh shareware/freeware application - which may have been a CDEV/INIT (control panel or extension), DA (desk accessory), or an application - that displayed both the global and ...
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How does the Apple IIgs color compare to the Apple Macintosh color?

There has been an interesting discussion of how to convert Classic Macintosh Color to sRGB, which begs a second question. How does color on the IIgs compare to that of Classic Macintosh? I'm asking ...
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Task manager for Mac OS 8/9

Does there exist either an embedded task manager, or a third party task manager for for Mac OS 8/9? So I can: View currently running tasks Kill processes View system load
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Error message every time I try to launch Mac OS classic

I'm on an iMac G3 running OS 10.3 - trying to launch OS classic 9.2. Every time I try to launch it, regardless of if I have extensions turned on or off, I get the error message: The volume for "...
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