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Questions tagged [mda]

For questions related to MDA/Hercules signals, sources or receivers.

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1 answer

Were there Any Applications Making Explicit Use of the MDA's Colour Capabilities?

The first series of MDA adaptors for the IBM PC had the ability to show colours according to the attribute byte, much like the CGA does in text mode, but I don't remember any PC application that ...
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14 votes
3 answers

Why does PC video memory base address change depending on video mode?

It is rather well-known that, with VGA-compatible PC video adapters, in black-and-white text modes video memory is available at linear address 0xB0000, in colour text mode at address 0xB8000, while in ...
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Monochrome ISA graphics adapter with the smallest footprint [closed]

I am designing an x86 retro computer, and I can't find a suitable 8-bit ISA graphics adapter for it. I don't need much in terms of graphics: mostly I need a text mode in black and white, some kind of ...
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Commodore monitor to VGA or HDMI

I have this monitor, which I think is a Commodore 64 monitor. I would like to connect it to a pc. Anyone know how to convert VGA or HDMI to this connector format? I've tried searching, but so far I'...
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Hercules to COM<->USB adapter - is it possible?

I have a 486 (also another 286 mainboard) with a Hercules card, the plug is the same as RS-232. Is it possible to connect the output with serial port USB adapter and simulate Hercules-compatible ...
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