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Questions tagged [membrane-keyboard]

For questions about membrane keyboards as hardware devices.

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4 votes
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My Amiga 500 "Enter" and "Return" keys wont work... possible causes?

I recently bought an almost working Amiga 500. When I got the unit in, I found that it mostly worked, the floppy drive spindle needed greasing, and the ram expansion just needed re-seating... but ...
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14 votes
3 answers

Did the Oric-1 improve on the Spectrum's keyboard?

So I've been whiling away some of a quiet Saturday night reading up on an early eighties computer called the Oric-1, which seems to be a curious little machine that has been largely unsung; moderately ...
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Cost of a chiclet keyboard

Early personal computer keyboards could be membrane (Atari 400, ZX80, ZX81), chiclet (PET 2001, ZX Spectrum, Oric, IBM PC Jr) or mechanical/full-travel (later PET, Apple II, TRS-80, Vic-20, and most ...
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2 answers

Membrane keyboard robustness

Some early computers used a membrane keyboard (ZX80, ZX81, Atari 400), or semi-membrane with minimal keys (ZX Spectrum). This is because it was cheaper than a mechanical keyboard. Intuitively I would ...
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3 answers

Why did the Sinclair ZX-Spectrum use a membrane keyboard?

As a kid, I always had problems with the keyboard. Membrane was hard to come by and expensive. I did not have Kempston/Protec. So I had to play on the keyboard. I was using QAOPMN combination, and ...
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4 answers

Troubleshooting and reparing an Atari 800XL with a single key not working

I recently purchased an old Atari 800XL off eBay. The machine was untested/as-is and not guaranteed to work, but it was cosmetically in mint condition with original box, manuals, and even the ...
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11 votes
2 answers

How to fix a TI99/4a membrane keyboard?

I recently purchased a 1982 TI99/4a that has a defective keyboard. The keyboard is a Mitsumi with normal keys, but membrane type contacts. When I press the contacts (gently) with a plastic stylus ...
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7 votes
1 answer

Atari 400 Faulty Keyboard - Some columns work, most do not

I've been cleaning up an Atari 400 that had a bad RF cable, and cleaned the machine thoroughly so it's looking great. It's working well apart from the keyboard, where most of the keys aren't working: ...
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How do I replace a ZX Spectrum 48k keyboard membrane?

I have a ZX Spectrum 48k on which the keyboard membrane has cracked over the years and, while the Speccy itself is operational, has rendered the computer unusable. I am now in possession of a ...
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