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For questions regarding mass storage devices produced by Sinclair Research LTD, including "ZX Interface1", "ZX Microdrive", and dedicated tape cartridges

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Using Sinclair ZX Microdrive is it possible to random access a text-file?

I wish to build a small database using Sinclair ZX Microdrive: one can think to create a text file using some simple BASIC. For simplicity let's say the record is 512 bytes in length, i.e. the same as ...
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What was Sinclair's intention with the Microdrive?

The ZX Spectrum was announced with support for both standard cassette tapes and Sinclair's new Microdrive format -- although the latter wasn't released for another 17 months. Given that the necessary ...
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Sinclair's microdrive -- was it based on compact cassette technologies?

Recently I've also looked inside microdrive drives of Sinclair QL and inside microdrive cartridges for it. The tape looked like a compact cassette tape cut longitudinally to a half width (which seems ...
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Who designed the Sinclair ZX Microdrive and why?

The ZX Microdrive. It is well known that the Microdrive was introduced for the ZX Spectrum along with ZX Interface 1. However, who came up with the idea and the design? Was it Sinclair themselves, ...
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