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Microsoft products, hardware or software. Use more specific tags instead if applicable, especially [windows] or [ms-dos].

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57 votes
6 answers

Did Microsoft really reserve secret APIs in Windows?

In the nineties when the antitrust case was building against Microsoft, various accusations of abuse of monopoly power were leveled against the company, some of which were proven true. One of the more ...
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How were you supposed to recover a forgotten Microsoft "Protect It!" key, or uninstall it altogether?

Microsoft Plus! 95 for Kids included a parental control program called Protect It!, which had you set a key (i.e., a password) to control who could reconfigure it. The help file says "If you ...
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37 votes
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In the classic "Windows 98 crashes live on CNN" video, why does the BSOD appear so oddly?

I've been seeing this since the late 1990s: Was this a hoax or joke of some kind? The only reason I ask is that, when the blue screen appears, it does so in ...
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Windows/lanman shares ending with $ are invisible - where did this come from?

(Inspired by a comment in an answer about CLOCK$ which says: the 'symbols with a dollar sign are reserved to us' was also a DEC convention, certainly on RSX-11M systems) In Windows, network shares ...
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Where within the Internet Explorer installation files can I find the browser error pages?

Is it possible find the default error pages (e.g., bad request, forbidden, not found, gateway timeout, etc.) for Internet Explorer within the installation files or even the Windows 98 CD? I'm thinking ...
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What size was the Microsoft Internet Explorer team?

According to Joel Spolsky, I will give the Internet Explorer team credit. With IE versions 3.0 and 4.0 they probably created software about ten times faster than the industry norm. This had nothing ...
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Was Windows 95 really released in 1995?

Here's a recent Microsoft article claiming, "Windows 95 was launched on August 24, 1995".
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What is the format of the static libraries shipping with legacy Microsoft C for DOS?

I have installed Microsoft C 5.10 on DOS 6.22. It created a 'LIB' directory with static libraries to link against. Now I need to extract the symbols and the code for the functions from them, but can't ...
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46 votes
6 answers

How should we interpret Dave Cutler's criticism of Unix?

Dave Cutler is well known for his contributions to operating systems, having led the effort on VAX VMS at DEC and Windows NT at Microsoft. According to his Wikipedia page, he is also known for ...
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Was it true that Microsoft actually created software for early Apple devices?

Is it really the case that there was a port of Microsoft Word and Excel that was one of the first really successful software to feature on a Apple device? Did Microsoft software actually have a ...
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Origin of "640K RAM is enough" quote

Yesterday I was digging through a rather long directory path to watch an episode of Fist of the North Star (on Windows 8.1) when I was hit with an error message: The path name is too long I looked ...
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28 votes
4 answers

What's the relationship betweeen MS-DOS and XENIX?

Browsing MS-DOS sources on GitHub, I often see mentions of XENIX: DOSSYM.ASM: ; XENIX calls all return error codes through AX. If an error occurred then the ; carry bit will be set and the ...
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12 votes
2 answers

A way to connect Microsoft Green-Eyed mouse to modern computer?

Is there a way to connect the 1983 Microsoft "Green-eyed" mouse to a modern PC or preferably Mac (running Windows on virtual machine)?
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Microsoft Mail for AppleTalk

I want to tinker a bit with Microsoft Mail for AppleTalk, Version 3.1. I installed the System Extensions, they get loaded and the server itself shows up in the chooser with it's serial number. To ...
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Did IBM encourage Bill Gates to retain the rights over PC-DOS?

As is well-known, Microsoft's negotiations with IBM to deliver PC-DOS 1.0 with the original IBM PC resulted in: IBM licensing the OS from Microsoft, as opposed to purchasing it outright. Microsoft ...
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23 votes
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When was QDOS changed to MS-DOS?

So a while back, I heard that MS-DOS was originally named QDOS (Quick and Dirty Operating System), and that it was later changed is MS-DOS (Microsoft Disk Operating System). This was probably a ...
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Where can I find macrofun.hlp?

In the days before Visual Basic for Applications, the macro language for Microsoft Excel was called XLL. The syntax was similar to that of ordinary Excel formulas, except for two things: Macros were ...
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