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Questions tagged [mos-6526]

Questions about the MOS 6526 CIA (Complex Interface Adapter) chip, used in e.g. the Commodore 64 home computer and the Commodore 1570/1571 floppy drives.

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6 votes
1 answer

Where are the pullups for the Commodore 64 keyboard matrix lines?

I'm looking at the schematic and the Service Manual for the Commodore 64. I can't seem to find a schematic for the keyboard itself. It seems clear that the control port 1 joystick has normally open ...
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17 votes
2 answers

Comprehensive test suites for MOS 6520 PIA / 6522 VIA / 6526 CIA

Are there any automated test suites for MOS 6520, 6522 and 6526 chips? I am looking for test suites aimed at making sure datasheet-based independent reimplementations of the above chips (e.g. FPGAs or ...
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11 votes
2 answers

Could the Commodore 64 have used the 6522 VIA instead of the 6526 CIA?

The VIC-20 used a 6522 VIA chip with a couple of 8-bit PIO ports, a couple of timers and a (buggy) shift register. (The bug in the shift register could be worked around with external hardware or in ...
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What use are the data direction registers in the MOS 6526 CIA?

As described in the MOS 6526 CIA data sheet (at the bottom of page 5) and this answer, the PA0-7 and PB0-7 pins: always act as inputs, even when the data direction register (DDR) is set to 1 ("output"...
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