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Do the MOS 6510 and 8502 microprocessors use microcode?

The predecessor 6502 did not use microcode, but a PLA. But what about the 6510 and 8502?
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What was the release date of the MOS 8502?

I have been unable to find when the MOS 8502 was first released to customers. The process it was made on was available from 1979, but MOS don't appear to have used it for their own parts at that time. ...
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MOS 8502, just a 6510B?

I'm looking over what little I can find on the 8502, and from what I can see it appears to be a 2 MHz version of the 6510 with an extra I/O pin. Much ado about the speed, but the Atari's 6502B's were ...
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