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MS-DOS, the Microsoft Disk Operating System, its OEM-branded versions, and x86 DOS clones in general.

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When did Kay Nishi offer a million dollars for a competing DOS?

The development of Digital Research's fully-compatible MS-DOS competitor, DR DOS, was encouraged when, according to After DOS Plus for Philips we did a ...
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What are the differences between MS-DOS and DR DOS FASTOPEN?

OS/2 Museum's history of DOS mentions the FASTOPEN.EXE TSR was introduced in DOS 3.3. Its entry on DOS 4.0 adds some implementation details. It reminded me of the DR DOS FASTOPEN=nnnnn directive in ...
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Troubleshooting Legacy Hardware and Software Issues on MS-DOS and Windows 3.11

I have an old PC with the following hardware components: Motherboard: AMI TITAN II EISA rev.D RAM: 48MB of 4 SIMM CPU: 154C Pentium (tm) BIOS: 711011596 HDD1: SCSI controller adapter through PCI (PCI) ...
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VisiCalc V1.0 is not working on modern computer as expected

I am trying to run Visicalc on the modern laptop (Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Extreme Gen.2). I created bootable flash drives with DOS 6.22 and Free DOS, booted from them and ran visicalc ( file). All ...
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FreeDOS and USB support

I have an old Fujitsu LifeBook that I want to install Windows 98 on. I burned a Windows 98 CD and verified it works, but the LifeBook's CD drive cant seem to read it. I do know the CD drive works, as ...
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Installing MS-DOS 6.22 on a 386-class laptop with an SD/IDE adapter fails at 99%. How do I fix this?

I'm using an AST Premium Exec 386SX/20 laptop. I have installed a new BIOS battery and it does retain settings when the machine is power-cycled. I'm attempting to install MS-DOS 6.22 from a set of 3 ...
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MS-DOS Bear/Teddy Bear Spooky Halloween game?

In about 1993-4 I played a (probably free or shareware) MS-DOS game about a bear/teddy bear entering a house which was "spooky", I believe related to Halloween. Graphically it was primitive, ...
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Math and French practice floppies

A long time ago, at school, they used to provide us with some 5.25 inches floppies each year. The teacher used to boot Unisys PCs with some bootable floppies (I do not believe they had hard disks), we ...
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Identify this spaceship fruit collection game starring a levitating fish

Okay this might be a long shot, but I've been looking for this game for over 7 years now and I'm starting to question my sanity. I played this game somewhere between 1998-2003 but it might be a tad ...
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