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Did the original Macintosh not have any MIDI or similar music capabilities?

The original version of Shadowgate for the Macintosh is an eerie experience after you have played the NES version, with its amazing soundtrack. The Mac version is entirely mute, save for some random ...
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How did Ridge Racer the arcade game store its music?

For both Daytona USA and Sega Rally (released around the same time but produced by SEGA), the arcade machines had sort of a synthesizer soundtrack with no CD-ROM involved. Only the home ports of those ...
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How does Symphonie Pro actually work?

I just happened upon this video: It's a selection of Amiga music produced using a program I've never heard of before: "Symphonie Pro". Does ...
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Are SID Players practically almost full-fledged C64 Emulators?

There are many stand-alone audio players (and plugins for general audio players) out there for many systems that play the music of the Commodore 64 that is famous for its SID chip. I believe many of ...
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What game is this music from? (probably a Shoot 'em up)

Back in my teenage years (around 1992) I recorded in VHS (but overrecorded it afterwards) a certain console game's opening sequence from a game TV show and attempted to transpose the background music ...
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Does a defacto format exist for Commodore 64 SID music?

I first learned about tracker / mod music on my Amiga in the early 1990's. I remember fooling around with Protracker, listening to mods with Intuitracker, and coming to the realization that all those ...
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Why do multiple SNES games share the same title screen music?

Please watch the first few seconds of gameplay of the following two SNES games: Pocket Monster: Disney's Bonkers:
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Does there exist a MPU-401 to OPL3 TSR for MS-DOS?

There are a few games for MS-DOS with music only through MPU-401, like the platformer Abuse and the RPG Avalon. Is there a TSR available that intercepts MPU-401 port accesses and transforms them into ...
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What was this early 2000s software subscription that had a billboard theme and was about music and bands? [closed]

I cannot remember the name of this music software CDs I used to have. We would get it in the mail every month and it had interviews and song samples in a game style UI with a city/billboard theme. ...
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