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For NEC PC-nnnn series desktop computers, including the PC-8000, PC-6000, PC-8800 and PC-9800. This does not include the portable PC-8300 series known as the Tandy Model 100 outside of Japan.

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Is NEC's PC-88VA compatible with N88-BASIC(86)

First, N88-BASIC runs on all PC-88. It's a japanese Z80 computer, but PC-88VA are 16-bit, like the PC-98 and wonderswan. Instead, PC-98 runs N88-BASIC(86), which is different. I think only the PC-98DO ...
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What technical aspects make NEC PC-98 architecture incompatible with IBM PC architecture?

PC-98 was a series of x86-based Japanese computers that offers Kana-Kanji support, which shared some hardware similarities and operation systems with IBM PC, and software was relatively easy to port ...
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NEC PC-88 video mode and resolution in games

I learnt that there are 4 video modes as described on wiki. I came across many games for the PC-88, like Thexder (1985), which are in the aspect ratio of 4:3 and in more than 2 colors. I don't ...
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Why was NEC able to wrestle PC graphics standards away from IBM?

The dominant standards for PC graphics in the 1980s were the ones introduced by IBM. This included MDA and CGA with the original IBM PC, followed by EGA shortly after the PC/AT, and then VGA with the ...
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What is the floppy disk port pinout for the NEC PC-8001mkII?

I have a NEC PC-8001mkII computer (sometimes incorrectly called a "PC-8001mk2") which has a built-in disk controller for PC-8000-series double-density 5.25" drives. (The English and Japanese Wikipedia ...
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How do I use NEC PC-6001 .p6 or .cas files?

The Neo Kobe - NEC PC-6001 "software capsule" on Internet Archive includes a 126 MB ZIP file, Neo Kobe - NEC PC-6001 (2016-02-25).zip, containing a subdirectory 1-Screen Programs (Kaw)/. This contains ...
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