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Intel 8088-compatible microprocessor with 8080 emulation features and some 80188 instruction set support, made by NEC.

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What were the release dates for the NEC V series CPUs?

I am trying to determine when the NEC V series CPUs became available. So far I have: 1982 µPD8088 1984 V20 ???? V40 ???? V41 1981 µPD8086 1984 V30 1988 V33 ???? V50 ???? V51 ???? V53 1986 V60 1987 ...
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Is NEC's PC-88VA compatible with N88-BASIC(86)

First, N88-BASIC runs on all PC-88. It's a japanese Z80 computer, but PC-88VA are 16-bit, like the PC-98 and wonderswan. Instead, PC-98 runs N88-BASIC(86), which is different. I think only the PC-98DO ...
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Was there any software on the IBM PC that specifically took advantage of the NEC V20?

Back in the day I remember friends upgrading their IBM PCs (and compatibles) with a NEC V20 CPU. While this was mostly to get a bit more performance out of their machines over the stock Intel chip, I ...
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How to run CP/M 2.2 on IBM PCjr (Not CP/M-86)

Years ago, I upgraded my IBM PCjr with a V20 and I was able to run CP/M 2.2. I have been looking for a CP/M 2.2 image that I can run on my current PCjr with 640K and Dual floppy (RACOR expansion). ...
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