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For questions regarding the Netscape Web Browser.

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Ancient browser media photo [closed]

Perhaps 15 years ago, I saw a photo which looked professional showing multiple media types all with labels for either Netscape v4 or the integrated Mozilla suite (which became SeaMonkey). At the very ...
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First implementation of a visual cue for visited hyperlinks?

Who first proposed using a visual cue (of any kind) for hyperlinks the user has already visited? If the individual is not known, what hypertext viewer first offered this feature? My guess would be ...
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2 answers

Is there any code in Firefox (as of 2020) that comes from Netscape Navigator?

Inspired by comments on the previous question Is it true that Netscape Navigator eventually became Mozilla Firefox? (Answer: Yes). In 1998, Netscape released a large amount of their existing source ...
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Is it true that Netscape Navigator eventually became Mozilla Firefox?

Is it really the case that Mozilla Firefox is a modern day version of Netscape Navigator?
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Does IRIX 6.5 on an Indy support other web browsers other than Netscape? If so, where can I find them?

I have an Indy running on IRIX 6.5. The main web browser cannot run very many websites. Are there any other more modern browsers that I can use to run websites such as wayback machine? When I try to ...
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Netscape has detected a /.netscape/lock file

My computer is saying that my netscape file is being used by a host that says it is located in Boulder Colorodo. It is coming from a wierd IP address. I just plugged my ethernet cable to use the ...
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Trying to build First Mozilla Release (Netscape 5)

so I've been doing some digging, and I've downloaded the first release of mozilla source code. I'm trying to build it in sheepshaver using codewarrior 4 pro. Ultimately my goal is to try and hack ...
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