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Regarding retrocomputing networks, connections and protocols.

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How did Microsoft take over Winsocks (Windows Sockets)?

In the early days of the Internet, Windows users had to install an application called "Trumpet Winsock" in order to use Internet apps like e-mail, FTP, WWW, etc. There were competitors, but Trumpet ...
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Problem accessing Internet from old phones/PDAs (HTTPS, SSL, certificates, compatible services,....) [closed]

How to connect 18-12 years non supported OSes/devices to Internet? Specifically PDAs and phones, that are more limited to use additional components/accesories? (*) Answer related to computers can be ...
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How and what did it mean to connect to ARPANET from home?

In the iWoz biography, I read: Now, TV terminals I already knew a little about. […] I'd already built a terminal that could access the ARPANET, the government-owned network of computers that was the ...
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Was 10BASE5 a mistake? gives a succint but vivid description of the physical layer of the first version of Ethernet and its subsequent replacement: 10BASE5 (also known as thick ...
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Does 10BASE-T need more sophisticated electronics than 10BASE5/10BASE2?

In a discussion on the history of Ethernet and 10BASE5, Stefan Skoglund commented Was 10BASE5 a mistake? One reason why 10BaseT became possible is Moores law (and the same for the other designs after ...
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Is there any public documentation of the LapLink protocol?

Is the protocol used by the DOS Laplink software publicly documented? I seem to remember there were Linux tools that could use it. I cannot find anything useful on their website.
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How can SPI be used with a Z80 CPU to control an RFM95 LoRa module?

I’m trying to communicate with my Z80 computer (RC2014) using a wireless radio. The easy way to do this is to use something like an ESP8266 (and there’s even an RC2014 module for this), but where’s ...
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IBM RS/6000 Token Ring ISA card fails configuration

The system at hand is a RS/6000 7248-100, running AIX 4.3.3. My quest is to get a Token Ring ISA card to work. The card is a 2971 as called for by the docs. SMS is happy with the card. I've set the ...
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Running WarpCopy64 on an emulator

I'm interested in IP networking capabilities of the Commodore 64. I learned there is a tool called WarpCopy64 that can be used to run a simple file server on the Commodore. The server can be accessed ...
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