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IDE interface board design review [closed]

Hope this is ok here. This seems to be the place with the real hardware experts. As some of you may recall, I've been trying to get a 44 pin IDE SSD module working on a retro IDE interface. The SSD ...
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How to wrap 32 bits drivers on 64 bits based Windows or even vxd?

Current state : There are more and more computers like mine which are 64 bits uefi only and thus unable to boot 32 bits based Windows. And as Windows 11 is 64 bits only this means in a few years (ends ...
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Can Alice be hacked to use more than 2MB Chip Ram

Is it possible to hack Amiga Alice chip and use more than 2MB CHIP RAM? It's a long shot, but I assume if it was possible someone would have done it already? The maximum amount of Chip RAM in any ...
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Is there such a thing as a modern-manufactured, flat, fake CRT TV? [closed]

CRT TVs were great, and an absolute must for all classic video games. However, it cannot be denied that it's impossible to buy a new CRT TV today, at least in any kind of normal store, and you rarely ...
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Is an LG 43UK6200PLA television set supposed to be able to display video output from a Nintendo 64?

First of all, I know very well that modern TVs are neither made for, nor good at, displaying old video game consoles' video signals. With that said, I'm trying to test the controllers of an N64 where ...
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Is it possible to limit HDD capacity to work on an old computer?

I have an old laptop (Dell Inspiron 3500 running Windows 98) which had a hard drive failure. I searched for HDDs but the 5 GB ones (that was the original drive's capacity) were unreasonably priced. I ...
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Help in finding signals on schematics

Where are the missing signals that I can't pair between amiga external drive connector and gotek drive? I'd like to connect GOTEK to CDTV, there is a way to do it directly (caddy died), but I can't ...
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Can I rewire a compact Macintosh SE or other compact Mac to play RCA Video?

I would like to take a compact Mac such like Macintosh SE, completely neglect the computing part of it, but be able to feed the CRT tube with an external video feed through Analog RCA cables. (Yellow ...
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What are the difficulties in putting old AT style motherboards into modern ATX cases?

I have several 286, 386 and 486 motherboards that I would like to use. My problem is that while I have all of the components to make them functional, I don't have spare cases to put them in. Ideally,...
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How do I use my adapted PS/2 keyboard & mouse on a Windows 10 computer?

I want to use my old PS/2 mouse & keyboard with my Dell Latitude, which has no PS/2 ports. I am fully aware that the easiest way to do this would to use an active PS/2 to USB converter, like this ...
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What's the pitfalls when trying to connect a new SCSI hard drive to an old SCSI bus?

Problem I have a couple of old computers. Some of them have a SCSI-1 or SCSI-2 interface over an internal 50 pin IDC connector or an external DB25. Now I want to connect something to them, in ...
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How can I connect a modern USB keyboard to a system requiring PS/2?

I have a DEC VT525 terminal base (recently repaired) that requires a PS/2 keyboard. The Digital OEM keyboard was a LK 411, with a PS/2 plug. There was also a PC-style keyboard available. I could get ...
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New joystick (or build one) for Atari 800

I recently got hold of an old Atari 800 and some peripherals. Thanks to the answers to this question: How to clean (or prep) Atari 800 or any old computer I have it cleaned up and am using it. One ...
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Using a NeoMagic 256XL with Windows 98SE

I have a Sony Vaio PCG-F560 notebook and I have installed Windows 98SE on it. The only issue is that the display works only in 16 colors mode with 640x480 resolution. I think the problem is that ...
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11 votes
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What kinds of expansion ROMs and cartridges are available for the BBC Micro?

The BBC Master 128 has 3 empty expansion ROM sockets and 2 cartridge slots, which seems like a lot of potential. I have already discovered that it is common to add an expansion ROM to support a filing ...
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NES cartridge ROM emulation with Arduino or Pi?

I'm looking to buy or make an NES cartridge that can be controlled by a microcontroller or small computer like the Raspberry Pi. I don't want to gut an NES cart and put an NES emulator inside it (as ...
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How can I upscale the video output of a Nintendo 64 for low-latency and high quality graphics on an HDTV?

Say I want to hook up a Nintendo 64 console to an HDTV via HDMI or Component. What are my options for upscaling hardware to be able to play the system without low quality or blocky picture and with ...
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Connecting an Apple //e with a Super Serial Card to an Android device via a USB to DB25 cable

I have an Apple //e, and I quite enjoy using it as a dumb terminal to my Raspberry Pi from time to time. Recently, I came across a few cords that could connect my Android phone (a Pixel) to the DB25 ...
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External power supply for 16.5V portable computer (Zenith SupersPort 286e)

I have acquired a Zenith SupersPort 286e portable computer without its battery and the external power supply unit seems dead (corrosion and/or leaking capacitors). The problem is that the power suppy ...
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How can I use a modern keyboard with the Panasonic JB 3000?

I still own my very first computer - a Panasonic JB 3000. The keyboard it came with now has many faulty keys. It has reached the stage where I can no longer use the computer, because I can't type. ...
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How can I adapt a modern mouse for use with Amiga?

Death of the Amiga platform predated introduction of optical mice of reasonable quality by a couple years. The Amiga mouse was a box of problems, with non-ergonomic shape, crud-accumulating rollers ...
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How do I connect a modern display, keyboard, and mouse to a Power Macintosh 6100?

I recently got a Apple Power Macintosh 6100 for free. It powers up and seems to work, so I want to try it out and see what it's like. Unfortunately, the important ports and connectors are "non-...
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