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How can I communicate with a Nintendo DS using the Download Play protocol?

Would it be possible to use a Nintendo DS's Download Play feature over the Internet? I don't have a ton of understanding of how the protocol works, but so far I'm pretty sure it uses a network of ...
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Is sound generation on the Nintendo DS always clipped to 10 bits?

The Nintendo DS hardware has 16 audio channels that support 16-bit audio (PCM16) at a sample rate of 32,768 Hz. However, the mixer limits the output to 10 bits (-200h to 1FFh). From GBATEK: When ...
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How would toggling a bit in the POWCNT1 register cause hardware damage on the Nintendo DS?

From GBATEK, writes to a certain I/O port for power management may damage hardware: 4000304h - NDS9 - POWCNT1 - Graphics Power Control Register (R/W) 0 Enable Flag for both LCDs (0=Disable) (...
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What is it with DS emulation being so slow? [closed]

I have a fairly decent computer, and I have been messing around with DS Emulation recently. I have found that if a game is running on the emulator, and if I have anything else running, the performance ...
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Role of the Z80 co-processor in GBA games

The Nintendo Game Boy Advance had a Z80-like processor which was typically used for backwards compatibility with GB and GBC games. According to its Wikipedia page, an uncited comment claims that this ...
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What did the Supercard "patch" program actually do to GBA and NDS ROMs to make them playable?

The Supercard is a flash cart for the Game Boy advance which can play ROMs and other files off of assorted flash memory. I recently found my Supercard SD and Superkey for NDS, which acts as a ...
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