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Questions related to the NTSC video standard (commonly used in North America and Japan).

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What determines the color of every 8th pixel on the Apple II?

On the Apple II there's an interesting way to add a little color to the bitmap, since the high bit selects the palette used for the three-and-a-half pixels represented by the byte. Like this: 0: Black,...
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Why not one pixel per color clock?

Early home computers and game consoles output video to TV sets. The NTSC color clock frequency is 3.58 MHz. This informed the design of some video systems:
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Ideal resolution for color computer on NTSC

Suppose you were, in the early eighties, designing a color computer to run on an NTSC TV with a free hand to choose the specifications within the limits of the technology of the time. What would be ...
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Is the only reason that my PAL NES is able to run NTSC/American games that it's doing it on an EverDrive?

I have an original PAL NES console. To the best of my knowledge, it is entirely unmodified. I have an EverDrive N8 Pro inside on which I've put a bunch of European/PAL ROMs, but also a few NTSC/...
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Were the classic game consoles *technically* able to play both NTSC and PAL games, if ignoring artificial region lock-in?

I'm not asking if they were region-free; I know they weren't generally. I'm asking if, given an NTSC-supporting PAL TV, an NTSC game cartridge, and a PAL NES/SNES/N64/whatever, and also given some ...
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Did the PAL version of the Apple II use a different clock frequency?

The Apple II used a 6502 CPU clocked at 1.023 MHz which was tightly tied to the NTSC frequency (1/14 of crystal, 3.5 color clocks per CPU cycle). It is well known that the Disk ][ was primarily ...
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Limitations for Color Usage in NTSC

In a well known letter to Philip Timmermann, Robert Yannes describes C64 color generation hardware as capable of producing any color (the palette was fixed, of course, but chosen semi-arbitrarily and ...
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Actual resolution of composite video monitors

Many early computers used TV sets as monitors. With an NTSC TV set, you could really only count on about 200 scan lines of vertical resolution, and for horizontal resolution, maybe 192 color clocks at ...
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NTSC scan lines and vertical resolution

From "the height of the graphics display was reduced to 200 scan lines to suit NTSC TVs". But NTSC is supposed to have 241 visible scan lines per half frame. ...
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