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How can I adapt a digital CGA/C128 signal (RGBI DE-9) to a modern monitor?

IBM's CGA and the Commodore 128's RGB video output both use a DE-9 connector. How do I adapt the CGA video output from an IBM XT 5160 or Commodore 128 to a modern monitor?
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4 answers

Connecting Iomega Zip (parallel port) to modern PC

Am wondering what would be the easiest way to connect an Iomega Zip drive (parallel port version) to a modern PC. I note there are USB to IEEE 1284 adapter cables, but would be very surprised if this ...
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How can I make use of a Genius HiSketch 1212 serial-port drawing tablet on a modern PC?

I have a friend that still uses Windows 98 because of a drawing tablet (Genius HiSketch 1212) that he is not able to install in modern systems. He has Windows 98 installed in an old PC that's always ...
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How can I connect a DIN plug keyboard to USB?

I have a wonderful IBM Model M keyboard, which has the best key action of all keyboards I ever used. The problem is it has the big round 5-pin DIN connector used in AT PCs. I have some PS/2 to USB ...
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How can a ST-412 MFM hard drive be integrated with a modern PC?

I have a Seagate ST-225 20MB hard drive. It used a ST-412 MFM (Modified Frequency Modulation) controller which unfortunately went to the great bit bucket some time ago. Is it possible to get this ...
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13 votes
7 answers

Can I build a working(ish) vacuum tube byte?

This is a somewhat odd question. I teach a course on media history, and spend some time talking about digital data towards the end. I am interested in building a device to illustrate some basic ideas ...
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Connecting Panasonic "Penwriter" RK-P400C to modern PC using USB to serial cable

I have a Panasonic "Penwriter" model RK-P400C electronic typewriter/plotter from circa 1985 I'd like to be able to connect to a modern PC. And hopefully even use to draw graphics! Bought in almost new ...
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How can I use a SideWinder 3D Pro with a modern PC running Windows 7?

I've got a sweet joystick that uses gameport, and I'd like to use it in my Kerbal Space Program. My modern PC lacks any ISA or PCI slots, so I can't use the cards I have. I've noticed some gameport ...
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Reverse engineering an RS-422 protocol with access to only one device?

I have a console, but not the main computer it's designed to connect to. My goal is to interface this with a (Linux) PC, and hopefully more than just the keyboard. I have never tried something like ...
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