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For questions regarding the OS-9 Operating System released in 1979 for the Motorola 6809 processor.

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Exit NitrOS9/OS9 EDIT command without saving file

NitrOS9 is a modern clone of the original OS-9 operating system used on the coco3. Both OS-9 and NitrOS9 have an EDIT command, a line-based text editor. As far as I know, EDIT works the same in both....
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Microware OS-9 assembler warning with no message

My 6809 assembly language program for the coco3 is causing the assembler to issue a warning with no message. How can I find out why the warning is being issued? From the assembly listing, showing ...
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How to read Microware OS-9 RBF Filesystem under Windows / Linux?

I have a virtual disk image file os9000-xibase.img and Windows can't read it nor mount it. With ImDisk Virtual Disk, I'm able to mount it, but not read it, because it is a Random Block File System ...
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BASIC09 and I-Code

I only learned of BASIC09 today, and I'm trying to wrap my head around it. The manual talks about it being a compiler, but I'm not sure I see significant differences between its I-code and tokenized ...
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Is NitrOS-9/OS-9 a preemptive multitasking environment?

The NitrOS-9 docs say it is a process based multitasking environment, and that it is a real time OS (RTOS). But I'm not sure if that means it's preemptive (OS takes control away from a program/process ...
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What are the advantages of NitrOS-9 over OS-9?

Microware released the versions of the OS-9 DOS for the CoCo. A few years later, former employees (I believe) released NitrOS-9. Both appear to be multiuser/multi-tasking OS's. What are the ...
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