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Why were OS/360 PL/I procedure calls so expensive in terms of stack space?

In 1977, Guy Steele published a paper entitled Debunking the “expensive procedure call” myth or, procedure call implementations considered harmful or, LAMBDA: The Ultimate GOTO. The paper was the ...
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How does the OS/360 link editor create a tree-structured overlay?

[This question was raised as part of a comment to a question about controlling the OS360 Link-Editor which included a link for RXS11's Task Builder Manual. Which led to the following comments: Dirkt: ...
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How did the OS/360 link editor achieve overlay structuring at linkage time without annotations in the source code?

The OS/360 link editor was, according to Brooks (OS/360 project manager): "one of the finest overlay facilities ever built." "It allows overlay structuring to be done externally, at ...
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