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CPU slaves on a PCI card to retrofit single processor to multiple processors. Any ideas how? [closed]

My desktop computer is no longer manufactured and no longer supported since more than 18 years ago. It was a very expensive top of the line business computer back in the day. I like it and wish to ...
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How much did IBM save by limiting the PC to 4.77 MHz?

My understanding is the CPU clock speed on the Intel 8088 in the IBM PC was selected as 4.77 MHz to simplify the design of the system. This despite the 8088 coming in two versions - 5 MHz and 8 MHz. ...
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If the Sega Genesis/MegaDrive could be overclocked so easily, why couldn't the SNES?

I discovered quite a number of videos on youtube demonstrating the effectiveness of over-clocking the CPU of Sega Genesis/MasterDrive. The video features games that are known for their intensive ...
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Overclocking an 8-bit computer

I've been thinking about the possibility of overclocking 8-bit computers of the late seventies and early eighties, and it seems to me that the things most likely to break, would be: Cassette save and ...
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How can I overclock my Commodore 64?

My Commodore 64 is running quite slow, and my friends want it to be faster, thus overclocking it. But no one knows exactly how to do that. With our current "modern" stuff, nothing seems to help my ...
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