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How to build an ATA controller for the AT bus?

I would like to replace the ST502 MFM disk controller in my Schneider Target PC 7640 (about which I asked earlier) with an ATA (IDE) controller as it gets harder and harder to find replacement MFM ...
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3 answers

How do I configure a V6366 graphics controller for 640x400 B/W?

I have here a Schneider Target PC 7640 which is an early PC AT compatible laptop. It features a 640x400 plasma screen with 32k display RAM driven by a Yamaha V6366 B-F graphics controller. I was ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Discharging an AT power supply for maintenance

The power supply for one of my computers needs a new fan. How do I discharge the power-supply capacitors to make it safe to open up? With an ATX power supply, it's just a matter of unplugging it, ...
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Do AT motherboards (286, 386, 486) really need -5V (besides redirecting it to ISA connectors)?

The power supply of my 386DX computer (an unknown brand M320 motherboard) is not trustworthy anymore, so I'm planning to use an ATX power supply, plus an ATX to AT adapter for P8-P9 connectors. The ...