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IBM PC DOS, which diverged from MS-DOS at version 6.1. Use [ms-dos] for DOS on PC clones in general.

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PC DOS E Editor (3.13v): "Not enough memory" error with a file of 1.65 MB and 40 320 lines, even with the /S switch

Using the E editor included with IBM PC DOS 7, I can't open a particular plain text file without encountering a "Not enough memory" error. The editor was invoked with the /S switch to make ...
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Where is DOS stored in memory when a program starts?

When the execution of a COM program begins, DOS jumps to address 100h. But at what address is DOS stored in RAM while the COM program is executing? Is DOS stored in conventional memory? If so, isn't ...
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Why do PC DOS kernel files have the COM extension, even though they are not executable as COM files?

The PC DOS kernel is stored in files named IBMBIO.COM and IBMDOS.COM. Although they have the COM extension like executable files, neither of these files could actually be run from the command line, ...
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Did any significant programs or environments take advantage of the Rexx language which came with PC DOS 7 (aka PC DOS 2000)?

Being an Amiga fan, I have a fondness for the Rexx language. On that platform, almost every significant program supported ARexx, allowing a high degree of interoperability and customability. So when ...
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