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11 votes
1 answer

A mixed first-person 3D/top-down 2D game for DOS, probably from the 1990s, about a boy protagonist escaping from being abducted by aliens

The way I remember it, I first played this game on a CD (sadly, I do not recall the name) that contained dozens of DOS games. I think that this was in 1995, but I am not sure. The following is an ...
1 vote
0 answers

Looking for game about searching for alien artifact

I think I was playing the game on pc in the mid 90ties. I believe the story was, that an alien artifact was crashed on a remote tropical island, and was about to cause an end to the world. Having been ...
6 votes
1 answer

PC DOS E Editor (3.13v): "Not enough memory" error with a file of 1.65 MB and 40 320 lines, even with the /S switch

Using the E editor included with IBM PC DOS 7, I can't open a particular plain text file without encountering a "Not enough memory" error. The editor was invoked with the /S switch to make ...
2 votes
0 answers

Early 2000s online PC game [closed]

I'm trying to remember an old PC game I used to play online, early 2000s. I remember the game being a futuristic based game where you had a cyborg woman as the maim character. The character had a ...
4 votes
1 answer

Isometric fantasy action RPG game for the PC from the late 1990s

Please, help identify an old computer game. Year: 1995-1998 (possibly earlier, but no later than 2005). Genre: action RPG (or related) Theme: Fantasy. Platform: PC (Windows 95-98). Control: keyboard (...
4 votes
1 answer

Is there an util that maps part of HDD to upper memory to create UMBs?

I know this question may sound a little odd... My Juko XT is a "1MB" XT machine. And I actually saw that number in its POST process. However, 384KB of its physical memory are not mapped to ...