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For questions regarding the DEC PDP-11 minicomputer.

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What was a DEC PDP-11/85 intended to be, and why might it be able to use DECsystem-10 software?

In this DEC PDP-11 Strategy Memo from Sept 1974, there is this curious question. HOW MUCH OF THE DEC SYSTEM 10 SOFTWARE CAN THE 11/85 USE, OR DOES THE 11/85 HAVE TO START FROM SCRATCH? CONFLICTING ...
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What encoding is this BK-0010-01 FOCAL file in?

I want to keep copies of the programs I write in BK FOCAL on my modern laptop, and in the end to be able to transfer text file programs to the BK. My current system for transferring files between the ...
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How to install RSX-11S?

I'm trying to install an RSX-11S system on my LSI-11 (PDP-11/03) simulator. I was under the impression that an RSX-11S system could be generated (via 11SGEN.CMD) from an RSX-11M or RSX-11M PLUS system....
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DEC RLV12 Disk Controller Register Access

The RLV12 Technical Description (EK-RLV12-TD-001) describes the RLV12 registers as "word-addressable". I presume that means these registers can only be accessed as words and byte access ...
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