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How long did plasma displays persist?

I'm reading a book called The Friendly Orange Glow, about the PLATO multiuser computer system developed by the University of Illinois in the late sixties, which is fascinating at several levels as a ...
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Did communication between a PLATO terminal and mainframe use pushes?

I'm trying to learn more about how the PLATO system worked with respect to communications. I've read some of the specs, but coming from a web-background I'm unfamiliar with the underlying way that the ...
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Is there something akin to PLATO still available?

From what I've read of PLATO it seems like it was a pretty powerful system, with some features that in retrospect seem way ahead of it's time, especially when compared to BBS which seemed to be far ...
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PLATO & JS99'er

Has anyone out there managed to load a PLATO PHM 3122 cartridge by Control Data into the JS99'er emulator? That way a user could place all of the PLATO Lesson Disks on a cloud location (e.g., ...
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