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Questions about devices that can be used for drawing graphs on paper, including pen plotters and film-based devices.

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How was this plotter image created? [closed]

This image (from a SO question) resonated with my forgotten memories, in particular the Tek4014 thermal printer, a Fortran plotting library, whose name I forgot, possibly associated with a Calcomp ...
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Which plotter used these commands?

I've found a BESM-6 binary of a Pascal program which plots pretty pseudo-random pictures, like this A date is given as the seed for the RNG, in a "horoscope"-like fashion. After decompiling,...
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How can I send RS-232 serial data to a Tandy plotter reliably?

I recently rescued my Tandy CGP-115 plotter from the attic and had the idea to try and drive it from a modern machine. I have a FTDI CHIPI-X10 RS-232 adapter and installed drivers on a MacBook. I have ...
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