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26 votes
3 answers

What was Pong called in Britain?

Pong, the electronic ping-pong game invented by Atari in 1972, was the first really successful video game. In Britain, 'pong' was also slang for a nasty smell, and I remember reading somewhere, a long ...
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Anyone have more information on the "Hammerstein TV Games" 1st gen console?

I have what appears to be an early games console (supported games are variations on the theme of "pong", or ball and paddle games) manufactured in South Africa. Does anyone have more information or ...
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8 votes
2 answers

When did various PONG systems overflow/crash due to points?

Edit: Given the many different versions of the game Pong, which version allowed you to accumulate the highest score before the game would crash, reset, or otherwise not just give you one more point? ...
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Why was Atari Tank less cloned?

The first commercially successful arcade video game was Pong in 1972. According to the number of units eventually sold was about 19,000. (A lower figure ...
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How can I repair a sketchy video signal on a 1977 Pong unit?

I bought a 1977 Gracia Color Video Game TVG 432 (not much to be found online), image from 20th Century Video Games: And the unit works, but the video signal is kind of sketchy. It is not very strong, ...
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