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Trying to install Mac OS 9.2.1 on an iMac G3 (slot loader) but no hard drive detected

I recently acquired an iMac G3 (slot loader) and I am trying to install Mac OS 9.2.1 on it. OS installer seems to boot to Mac OS just fine. The problem is when I try to run the installer, it doesn't ...
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Error message every time I try to launch Mac OS classic

I'm on an iMac G3 running OS 10.3 - trying to launch OS classic 9.2. Every time I try to launch it, regardless of if I have extensions turned on or off, I get the error message: The volume for "...
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8 votes
3 answers

Retrieving Files from Power Mac 7600

I am trying to rescue old (but important) files from a Power Mac 7600 and an accompanying ZIP drive, neither of which have USB ports, so I only have serial and SCSI ports to work with. The Power Mac ...
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Did the Power Macintosh 8500 have accelerated blitting?

Looking at online specifications for the Power Macintosh 8500, I was able to find few details on its graphics capabilities beyond quantity of VRAM and supported color depths, refresh rates, and ...
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What should I do to clean up a Power Mac G3 that's been outside for two years?

I recently was given a Power Macintosh G3 300Mhz minitower (having a bit of trouble confirming that but I'm mostly certain that's what it is as the case is labeled from 1997) that had been outside for ...
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How do I connect a modern display, keyboard, and mouse to a Power Macintosh 6100?

I recently got a Apple Power Macintosh 6100 for free. It powers up and seems to work, so I want to try it out and see what it's like. Unfortunately, the important ports and connectors are "non-...
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