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2 answers

How to work around the PRAM battery for a "Titanium" Powerbook G4

Years ago I was the original owner of a "Titanium" PowerBook G4. Eventually, the unit bricked itself and refused to power on. Some quick research at the time led me to believe the PRAM battery was ...
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Reviving a Powerbook 145B, but it still struggles to power up correctly

Some weeks ago I got a non-working Powerbook 145b for 20€ (~23USD). The first thing I did was to test the power supply, which was giving a good 7.8V. I saw that the battery was still in place and I ...
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Which is the name of the 40-pin connector of a PowerBook 100 (Apple)?

I need to find a replacement for the 40 pin connector in the Apple PowerBook 100 mainboard. It has a female flat cable in the top and 2 alternated lines of pins in the bottom. Picture attached. If you ...
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Why this Powerbook 520C has strange old colors lcd?

From the movie "Hitman's run" of 1999 the LCD of this PowerBook 520c of 1994 remind me the old lcd screens of the first 80's (calculators, old portable console, etc) searching on the net I ...
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