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How and why did Intel make the PCI bus "CPU Agnostic"?

Intel invented the original 32/64-bit PCI bus in the early 1990s to replace the decade old ISA bus used in PC's. It was immediately popular (in comparison to Micro Channel or EISA), being both faster ...
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Are PowerPC processors still manufactured and used in desktop computers?

I have some disc images that run only on PowerPC. I've heard a lot about PowerPC being popular back in the day, especially being used with older Apple computers. I don't hear much about them anymore, ...
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How do I run PowerPC Applications on an Intel Mac

Apple created a dynamic binary translator called Rosetta and bundled it into their OS X operating system. As of OS 10.7, however, Rosetta was removed, and PowerPC applications are no longer supported ...
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Which generations of PowerPC did Windows NT 4 run on?

In a blog entry at The Old New Thing, Raymond Chen states that Windows NT first started supporting the 603 and 604 series of PowerPC processors. Was there a specific firmware version which was needed ...
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Was there a dual-core PowerMac G5?

I have a PowerMac G5 which I have recently succeeded in getting running with a Mac OS X 10.4. I was in for two big surprises: Firstly, the computer runs very fast, even with heavier software like an ...
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How to mount Macintosh Performa's HFS (not HFS+) Filesystem

I own a Macintosh Performa 360 and 420 with a 250 MB drive. Currently I plan about migrating to a modern system like Windows Linux or Mac. I could make sure, that I can still read my data, copied to a ...
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Timeline for PowerPC CPUs from various manufacturers

I am trying to assemble a timeline of PowerPC series processors. It is complicated by the fact that there were multiple manufacturers. So far I have: IBM POWER 1990 POWER1 1992 RSC 1993 POWER2 1998 ...
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Multi-GPU PowerMac G5?

I’ve got a 2005 PowerMac G5, Dual 2.3 GHz with a stock Nvidia GeForce 6600 running OSX 10.4 Tiger that I enjoy experimenting with, purely for fun and to learn writing legacy software in XCode. Would ...
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