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When were the RCA CDP1804, CDP1805, and CDP1806 introduced?

RCA produced follow ups to its 1802 CPU, the CDP1804, CDP1805, and CDP1806. What years did they become available to purchase in?
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`DRAW` instruction timing

I asked a question here about CHIP-8 instruction timing, and this answer mentions that DRAW waits for vblank: For Chip-8 code that draws anything, the limiting factor will be the wait-for-vblank that ...
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Effective speed of original COSMAC VIP CHIP-8 interpreter

The original CHIP-8 interpreter ran on RCA 1802-based kit computers and home computers, most notably on the COSMAC VIP. Some of the CHIP-8 opcodes are complicated and involve many memory round-trips, ...
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How did the RCA1802 'call' and 'return' instructions work?

The RCA 1802 processor was used in a number of systems such as the ELF and COMX-35, and also apparently in the US space program (with its hardened variant). From memory, it had a rather unusual set ...
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