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For questions regarding the RISC-PC products from Acorn Computers

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Did any early RISC OS precursor run on the BBC Micro?

Acorn famously developed the ARM microprocessor using their existing BBC Micros internally, both to simulate the ARM and to develop for actual ARM using a Tube-connected second processor. Later, ...
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Why does my Acorn RiscPC display the POST boot error?

After removing the Intel DX 486 card from my RiscPC (running RiscOS 3.6), the computer doesn't start up properly. Instead, it displays the text POST in red. What does this error message mean?
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How can I hook up my Acorn RISC PC 600 to a LCD monitor?

I own an Acorn RiscPC 600 which I picked up from Ebay years ago which apparently works but did not come with a monitor. I purchased a VGA to DVI connector to hook up the computer to my PC desktop ...
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