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How good is this random number algorithm?

What follows are the random number generation routines from an ALGOL-60 computational math library, stored on a BESM-6 disk in a text form. The character encoding was with parity, imitating a punched ...
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What random number generator was used in the VAX game Empire?

Around the year 1990, I played the game Empire on a VAX/VMS system. It was a turn-based, text-based-map wargame that later inspired Civilization and Xconq. What was particularly memorable about this ...
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How can you set the NES RNG to a known state?

The Classic Tetris World Championship uses original NES consoles that are modded to provide the same RNG for both players: Players WILL have the same RNG I am wondering how this was done. So, my ...
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How was early randomness generated?

Many programs make use of randomness, from BASIC guess-the-number games to encryption key generators. This randomness could have been generated in many, many different ways: hardware, software, ...
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